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This instrospetion therapy is a very simple exercise of undulating exploration and mental programming, guided by a qualified therapist. It is an intuitive and telepathic procedure through the active mind, it is a self-healing apprenticeship to overcome pathological fears or traumas and much more:

  • Phobias or fears of some animals, fear of heights, fear of traveling in airplanes, fear of the sea.
  • Difficulty in expressing oneself in public, hatreds, grudges to different people
  • Gender confusion or sexual abuse, children or young people
  • Addictions to sex, liquor, drugs
  • Low self-esteem, depression, anorexia or bulimia

It is one of the most effective therapeutic resources that have existed for decades where hyper-consciousness is explored to reach latent resources of the mind, to solve a multitude of physical and psychological problems directly in the subconscious or mental consciousness and thus be able to remember or live experiences of present or past traumatic lives that can affect the current life.

In this therapy the person will not lose consciousness, nor will he/she be induced to sleep or lose consciousness since he/she will be able to remember every event experienced during the session because it occurs in present time and he/she will never lose control.


Dare to change retrograde thoughts and live a happier and healthier life.


“My pain after three weeks was gone, completely gone.”

Wendy Myers

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