My Health Energetics Infoceuticals

Energy Star Products that we will be recommending according to the results of the appropriate WellNES Software System in order to take advantage of the best products, vitamins and a diet appropriate for your condition.

My Health Energetics Infoceuticals

As a source of energy to improve physical or mental activities and to correct certain chronic health problems that may be harming you through stress, depression, malnutrition, toxic exposures, and a host of other ailments or lack of proper health education.

The Infoceuticals below:

  • ET0, ET 7 and ES 1: Special to correct head swelling and severe pain and a number of ailments in the brain and nervous system and lungs and other mental and physical ailments.
  • ED 8: It is to improve ailments with the stomach as the main driver of the body in reference to digestion, nerves, ulcers, constipation, acidity and much more of this system, besides this product in multifunctional that will correct another system of the body that would be associated with proper nutrition.
  • ED 9 and BFA: These are special aligners to correct any pain in the body and improve muscle activity.
  • EI 9 and EI 3: They are one of the main regenerators for the whole body as they regulate the hormonal system such as the thyroid and parathyroid glands and other parts of the body that are damaged when there is a hormonal imbalance such as calcium deficiency and body metabolism functioning, which may be more frequent in women than in men.
  • ES 2: This bioenergetic could be regenerating the lack of memory, skills, learning such as data retention, mathematical studies, reading. Lack of proper nutrients or a medical condition.
  • ED 15: Main functions such as: The pancreas (will regulate blood sugar or INSULIN in the body and thus be able to prevent a number of ailments in the body such as: amputation, blindness, sexual problems and many more.
  • ED 10, ED 14 y ET 6: They will regenerate the spleen organ and thus avoid all kinds of allergies including asthma, flu, viral fevers, spots and other ailments.
  • EI 10: Main function of regenerating the most important organ of the body (heart) along with others to avoid blocked veins or arteries or organ malfunction.
  • Energy: As the main regenerator of the body’s energy especially when we finish a job, fatigue and most importantly it does not contain caffeine or other artificial stimulants common in the market, allowing you to feel more cheerful with energy and a jovial character.
  • Fat Metabolism: Helps to correct or normalize the functions of the liver, hormonal activity or the body’s metabolism and regulate appetite and the nervous system.
  • ES12 , ES11 Female and Male: As main functions for men and women, helping to regenerate their endocrine hormonal system, allowing them to feel more encouraged, and sexual ability as well as increasing charisma, confidentiality, raising self-esteem and being more sociable.
  • Rejuvenes: Ayudara a la piel a que sea más lozana y regenerándola, y los tonos se vean más jóvenes y brillantes o como también a los músculos. It can be applied directly to the skin in case of wounds or strong wrinkles on the face.
  • Sleep, Relax, Peace : Promoting the balance of the system to feel calmer, sleep better, lower blood pressure, regulate the nervous system, regenerate the digestive system and better absorb nutrients, improve health and solve life’s problems in a more conscious way.

Thus, a great number of products that we will use with the help of the quantum system that will allow us to improve your health.


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