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We are professionals trained and licensed by NES Health WellNES to provide health services in accordance with established standards as independent representatives.

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With your first free consultation we can evaluate your energy level and blockages in each of the life, vitality, circulation, digestive and nervous systems. We will give you all the recommendations to achieve a better level of vitality and health.

You choose from a range of options the best one for your case after receiving the results of the initial assessment and speaking with our experts in order to take conscious actions that will lead you to achieve the healthy wellness you desire.

Our Team

Professionals linked to new quantum technologies with the objective of serving the Hispanic community in New Jersey and New York to achieve better wellness through quantum nutrition with the support and training of NES Health WellNES and Self-Healing Therapies for Stress, Depression and Taboo Release.

Please contact NES Practitioner: F. Torres at 646-703-9133 before making your purchase or paying for a service.

Francy Torres

NES Practitioner, Specialist in Reiki healing techniques and Quantum Holistic Nutrition.

Luis Navas

NES Practitioner, Quantum Holistic Nutrition.

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“My pain after three weeks was gone, completely gone.”

Wendy Myers

Holistic Detox & Health Expert

Your Health Care is Our Mission

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